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Info: Important emulator/softcam file locations (Dreambox, OpenBox, AzBox, Vu+ etc.)

A small list of card emulators/softcams and there important file locations, useful for finding the configs, keyfiles etc.


How to guide: Setting up OsCam settings for different card readers

Here is a list of the correct settings for using different card types/models with OsCam softcam card emulator software. Covers serial, usb, remote, smargo, ad-teknik, interal reader, gbox, cccam etc.


How to guide: Installing CCcam on Dream Elite or BlackHole Images (Firmware)

Short guide on how to install the CCCam softcam software on a satellite receiver (Dreambox, Openbox, Vu+ etc.) that is running/supported by DreamElite or Blackhole firmware iamges.


How to guide: Cline settings, setup, syntax and what it all means.

Small quick guide on what each part of a typical Cline for CCCam means with the correct settings allowing fine tuning to a users use.  


Product advertisement: Streaming satellite TV channels 3500+ chan's

Streaming software for Windows based PC’s. Streams over 3500+  satellite TV channels from around the globe to your PC, regardless of location and source country of channels. Easy replacement for your cable or satellite subscriber. One time fee. Discounted for UKCS visitors.


How to guide : Build a buffered & none-buffered Blackcat JTAG cable

How to guide : Build a buffered & none-buffered Blackcat JTAG cable, useful for many things, this is more of a universal JTAG cable (aka Blackcat) that uses the LPT (parallel/printer port), can be used for modems, cable boxs & satellite receivers to perform repairs and other functions.