How to guide: Create, activate and use a swap file on a Dreambox Dm800

A guide detailing how to create, activate and use a swap file on a Dreambox DM800 or its various clones. Shows how to use and setup the swap on USB & external hard drives.

The Swap file is an additional memory support where the DM can transfer running processes. The Swap file may be created on external devices such as USB or HDD.This guide was made using the alt Dreamelite Elite Phoneix image but the setup is simillar for most images.

Press blue to bring the panel up.

Press blue again and select swapfile settings.

Press ok and then click the green button Create.

The list of available and installed media will be displayed. Select the preferred media and click OK.

Upon selecting the media, the swap file size must also be chosen. A listbox will display the available sizes. Choose the preferred size and press OK. Upon clicking OK, the DM will start creating the swap file.This process may require time according to the file size. The bigger the file, the longer it will take. During the creation, the spinner will be visible.Do not stop this process.

An infobox will inform that the swap file has been successfully created. However, at this stage the swap file will still be Inactive.

Simply click the red button to Activate the swap file

If you wish to automatically enable the swap file upon rebooting, then click the yellow button. The Autostart feature will be enabled, and confirmed by an infobox. Additionally, the Enable Swap at startup will be checked.

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