How to guide: Install eStar images on Dreambox Dm800S & Dm800HD

How to install, setup and run eStar firmware images on the Dreambox Dm800S & Dm800HD

Dream Multimedia Dreambox DM800HD PVR series satellite receiver

This tutorial is for creating and installing estar images to DM800 with estar SIM card. DO NOT
install estar images to DM800 with other SIM card, or install other images to DM800 with estar
SIM card!
1. Download the original DM800 image
2. Download EstarDreamConverter program ( attached below )
3. There are two ways to install estar images:
(1) Install estar images using estar-DreamUP program
(a) Download estar-DreamUP program from estar website to your PC.
(b) Run estar-DreamUP program, and then install the estar image (e.g.
estar_iCVS-Image-dm800-20110204203827.nfi) with estar-DreamUP program.
For how to use estar-DreamUP program, please refer to “Installing new software using the
DreamUP program” of the DM800 user manual. The usage of estar-DreamUP program is the
same as the original DreamUP program.
(2) Install estar images using web browser
(a) Connect DM800 to your router (DHCP server) with a network cable.
(b) Press the power button on the front cover of DM800 and keep it pushed down. Plug the
power cord back in now.
(c) Release the power button until you see the “*** STOP ***” text on the OLED screen. Then you
will see an IP address displayed on the OLED screen, too.
(d) Open the web browser on your PC, and enter the IP address in the address field like this:
(e) Select the “firmware upgrade” link in the displayed webpage, and then select the estar image
(e.g. estar_iCVS-Image-dm800-20110204203827.nfi).
(f) Click on the “Flash!” button and wait till the progress bar reached the 100% mark.
(g) Now you can restart your DM800.

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