How to guide: How To View The Red Button Channels On Your Dreambox

How to view the BBC & ITV red button interactive channels on your Dreambox.

There are the BBC/Itv/*** interactive channels which are normally only available via the red button.

These are flagged as data streams when you scan them in and wont show up on the dreambox but can easily be viewed by doing the following.

Use DreamboxEdit for this get it HERE

Import your channel list into it, find the data streams listed below, right click on each of them and convert them to tv channels.

Reload the channels back onto the dreambox & away you go.

Services: ITVi Quad,stream2,stream44 – ITV Interactive channels

Services: 1381-1399 – *** Sports Interactive Channels

Services: stream 0 – 6 – BBC Interactive Channels

There are others showing but appear to be only feeds of channels that can be viewed normally.

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