How to guide: Setup F Line in CCCam to expire (add expiry date)

How to add a expiry date to F Lines, most useful to owners of CCCam servers.

cccam cardshare server setup cline

Add expiry date for any F line
This is a very wonderful addition for CCcam server owners to control their F lines
They can add Expiry date for any F line.
1st: you create the F line as normal and end it with the Expiry date
F: user pass 1 1 0 { 0:0:1 } # 24-03-2010
2nd: download the Expiry script from here and add it on the following directory
3rd: chmod 755
chmod 755 /bin/expiry
Finally: we make the script to check the remove the expired F line daily at 12AM by the following
crontab -e
add this line
bin/expiry/ * * * 00 00
now you will found new file with name “expired” on the directory
where all you expired F lines listed


  1. jd says:

    i have been tryung to set cardsharing for ages-this is a very good sight for learning-thanks

  2. jd says:

    where do find the expiry script from this page?

  3. DrF says:

    “where do find the expiry script from this page?”

    You usually make it up from the information given to suit your own needs/box/setup. Just adding info and editing lines in files that are already there.

    It does seem as though the guide refers to a “expiry” script which seems to be missing for some weird reason, I will get on that.

  4. Ran says:

    How can we use if in those script to check the expire date and the date that already expired but the script didn’t remnoce them because the server is down ??


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