How to guide: Take a screenshot on your Dreambox

Very useful when you may be trying to get help and need to show a odd problem/glitch etc.


It can be very helpful when asking a question to include screenshots.

To take a screenshot you will need your Dreambox and a PC connected to the same router.

On your Dreambox

Navigate to the screen that you wish to take screenshot. In this example I navigated to:

Menu > 6 > service searching > satellite configuration

On your PC

1. In a web browser type in the IP address of your dreambox e.g.
and you should see the Enigma Web Interface for your Dreambox

2. Click on Control and then Screenshot

Save the image.

To attach the screenshot to your post, click Go Advanced and click Manage Attachments to browse to the image on your PC and attach the image.

By the way, you can use the “Remote Control” feature on your web browser to navigate to the menus of the Dreambox

On enigma2 boxes, you can get a screen grab by entering the following into your web browser.

where dreamboxip is the internal lan ip address of your dreambox. For example :-

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