How to guide: Using CCCam manager to add more CCCam Clines.

A guide showing how to use CCCam manager to add more Clines to a ccam config in a box (Dreambox, Openbox etc.)




Adding cccam lines using cccam lines manager v1.3

It seems people are still struggling to understand about C&F lines, what they are, how to add them and how to give them.
Firstly, only C lines are given out. You give a C line and get a C line in return.
The F lines are used in your config to allow the C line you give out to work.

Here’s how to add them and what to give out using cccam lines manager 1.3

In cccam lines manager, add your box local network IP address, username and password. This is so cccam lines manager can FTP your config to your box.

Next enter your dyndns address and post that you use for cccam (Default is 12000)
This doesn’t affect any config settings, but simply adds it to lines that you give out.

Max HOP: = This is how many of your hops you want to give out. Setting to 1 would just let others have access to your local. I set to 3 which lets others use my local, hop1′s and hop2′s, although this all depends on whether you have the right permissions from each of your shares to reshare.

Reshare Level: = This is how many times your friend can reshare your shares. Setting to 1 means he can only use it himself. 2 means he can reshare it 1 hop.

Add C-Line from your friend = If someone gives you a cline, you simply paste it here and click the button ‘Add C-Line to CCcam’ and you’ll see it added to the bottom of your config. Click button 3. ‘Save CCcam.cfg to dream’ to send the new config to your box and start your new line working.

Now as this is called ‘Card SHARING’, you let your friend have access to your server as he is letting you on his.
OR if you are responding to a share request, you send a CLine to them first.

Add F-line and create C-line for your friend = Here you create a username for your friend. You’d normally just use his forum username so you can keep track of your line.
Then create a password for him. This can be whatever you want it to be, it doesn’t really matter.
In the comments box, I usually put what forum the person is from or how to get in contact with them if needed. Also what local they have.
Click ‘Add F-Line to CCcam’ and you’ll see an F line automatically added to the bottom of your config, also you’ll see a C-Line appear in the box ‘Send this line to your friend’.
Guess what? This is the CLine you send to your friend.
Click button 3 again to upload your new config to your box and make the new F Line active.

If you look at your config file, you’ll see your F line will look like this:
F: bobby bobbyspassword 3 0 0 { 0:0:2 } #linuxsat-shares

So the created C line that you give to your friend would have looked like this:
C: mydns.dyndns.org 12000 bobby bobbyspassword no { 0:0:3}

I hope that helps you out and please ask any questions.








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