How to guide: Check if CCCam is running and restart if needed.

A small script to run & save on your box that will check if CCCam is running and restart it if it has crashed/stopped responding. More useful for box’s or PC servers being used as card sharing setups.

Save this file in the script folder, you can use any name you like example CCcamcheck.sh

Then if you have “crontab” set the script to run every 10 mins for example, this crontab only depends on the image you use of course not all firmware images has this function.

if ps x |grep -v grep |grep -c CCcam >/dev/null
echo “cccam… ok”
echo “cccam… restarting”
/var/bin/CCcam_2.0.8 &

I hope you find this useful especially if you have problems with CCcam crashes and you have the server down.

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