Firmware: Dreambox DM500S All in one Gemini, OsCam & CCCam UK ready

Here is a premade firmware package based on Gemini 4.70 with OsCam & CCCam 2.1.3 already preloaded. Also contains UK ready bouquets (SGTFlipFlop bouquets of 14/9/11 )  for the Dream Multimedia Dreambox DM500S satellite receiver. DreamUp & Flash Wizard versions are provided. All ready to go :)

Loaded with SGTFlipFlop bouquets of 14/9/11

CCcam info installed

No need to enter your boxkey, Oscam will read it from your card

Oscam Web info is installed, to view & check your entitlements
In your web browser type



Username & password = admin

Click Readers

Then view entitlements

**********************This image is configured to update your entitlements automatically ************************

Install by Dreamup or Flashwizard pro, both formats attached below.
Use whichever you prefer.





  1. IqbalRajish says:

    Thank you sir, guide work good on dm500s.

  2. billyssssss says:

    i tried to put it in with dreamup dream up version said files to big ???

  3. billy souta says:

    i tried ti iunstall this with the dreamup but said file was to big ????

  4. DrF says:

    I think you need to unzip the firmware files from the zips first, give that try :)

  5. mike says:

    hi i have done this how do i get a user name for sly channels

    1. DrF says:

      Can you explain what you mean?
      I think you mean how do add the correct settings from a card share service/provider they give you the user name, password and account details for there service?
      Unless you want to share your own Sky services around your house?

  6. vitor says:

    hi can someone help me how to share

  7. phil-c- says:

    Where do you buy cards from? Or is cardsharing something using computers to download what I need?Can you help please.Thanks

    1. admin says:

      Cardsharing is a process of sharing someone’s subscribed card over a network (internet or home network) so you do not need a card to decode the transmission from the provided (Sky, Virgin Media, Canal+ etc.), depending on where you live there’s various laws about this.

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