Firmware: Dreambox DM500S Commando 14.4 Neutrino (16-10-2011)

Here is the latest Neutrino firmware image for the Dreambox DM500S and clone receivers. Many improvements mostly relating to user friendliness, the EPG (now extended to 14 day program guide), the interface and faster loading times a full list of features will be int the post.

++ A 210 Channel Map with varying EPG Days, 1 / 3 / 7 / 8 / 14 takes a mere 70 seconds
	to download and process!! The default setup uses around 7.5MB of memory, and you
	can still make an image backup in /tmp AND the softcam still works!

++ During the download/processing period, all box functions work normally- channel
	zapping, OSD Menus, Infobar, Softcam, etc

++ The Radio Times EPG can be reloaded as many times as you like during a session. This
	has no adverse effect on box memory that we can discern in testing. A reload
	starts from scratch again, by first emptying the EPG Cache. (nb- this trick doesn't
	work with Rytec EPG, so don't even bother trying it).

++ A brand new COMMANDO EPG WIZARD shellexec menu (BLUE > BLUE) which contains config
	and setup options for all three EPG sources now used in Commando 14.4 >> FreeSat
	Stream EPG, Rytec online EPG, and the new (and default) kid on the block- Radio
	Times online EPG.

++ GUI option to enable/disable Logging of the RT EPG load process- BLUE > BLUE > BLUE > 1
	This is On by default, and the logfile contains loads of info on how the downloading
	and processing went, how many RT dat files were handled, download times, number of
	Events stored, how much memory in use for the EPG Cache, and so on. If you keep this
	feature enabled, then you'll find the log in /var/log/rtepg.log

	The log file is assembled in /tmp as the processing progresses, and then Laz moves it
	to 	/var/log when it's complete, to avoid multiple writes to the flash partition.

++ A simple to edit RT map dat source file (explained in detail below) used by LraiZer's
	final brilliant and user-friendly function- an autogen script that builds a new
	rtmap.xml map file for you! This reads both rtmap.dat and bouquets.xml and only takes
	a minute to build. Please read on...

More in the README files download here :


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  1. Stephanie says:

    thanks flashed my clone chinese DM500S knock off with this and it went well following some other guides may have been easier as it had no other image on before

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