How to guide: Automatic CCcam 2.2.1 Installer script for Debian 6 Linux based PCs

A how to guide on how to install CCCam 2.2.1 on Debian Linux based PCs which are being used to run emulators, media centers, card sharing services etc. the automatic script takes care of everything.


Automated CCcam2.2.1 Install Package For Debian Linux based PC servers.

This will install CCcam 2.2.1 on any machine running Debian 6, The script is based on CC_Shares Debian5 Install package for earlier CCcam versions, the reqired libs to run later versions of CCcam are dowloaded & installed automatically.

First download the Debian 32 net install package ( 2.2.0 & 2.2.1 are not available in 64)


You now have the choice of burning it to a cd or using :

Universal USB Installer

Use Whichever you prefer

Continue to install Debian to your machine it is up to yourself if you want a graphical interface but the only option that is required is Webserver, the script will install everything else you need when you run it later.

Debian now Installed, Let’s install CCcam

1. Log into your server as root user by opening the terminal & typing


Then enter the root password you chose during Debian install

Now enter the following commands one at a time pressing enter after each :

wget http://tinyurl.com/d986zdd

chmod 755 d986zdd


The script will now do its work, it then requires user input for 4 questions

Q. IP Address of youserver?
Choose a static ip for your server e.g

Q. Subnet Mask?

Q. Gateway?
Here enter your routers ip address

Q. Dns servers ip?
Again here enter your routers ip address

The install will now complete, all you need to do is ftp your CCcam.cfg file to /var/ect/ then reboot

If you do not have one already you will find one here

CCcam.cfg file for newbies


The auto install script (Can also work with the “Wget” command above) :


CCCam.cfg for noobies :



  1. Danny says:


    Regarding “all you need to do is ftp your CCcam.cfg file to /var/ect/ then reboot”

    How do you exactly do this?

    What do I need to type in the terminal in order to do this?

    Thank you!

    1. DrF says:

      Best and easiest way is to use a FTP program like FileZilla (http://filezilla-project.org/) (its free) and transfer it that way without messing about with fiddly terminal commands.

      Then using that application connect to the Dreambox (192.168.x.x) what ever the IP it has is and then just uploading it to the correct place on the box.

      Some info in this video : http://starview-6.info/?p=780 (you want the FTP part)
      Some more here again only the FTP part http://starview-6.info/?p=854

      Here is Dreambox Control Center Setup http://hotfile.com/dl/102660948/2cb91ba/DCC.rar.html that may be easier to use for you :)

  2. danny says:

    Found it out!

    You have to type “cp” then the path of the file (CCcam.cfg).

    1 more question!

    How do I start the program? The CCcam.cfg is in /var/etc.

  3. Danny says:

    Thanks mate.

    I’ve installed FTP program and it worked.

    How can I share my cccam?

    Thank you.

    1. DrF says:

      You want to share your own card (around your house or to the outside world) out or share another card to you?
      We have guides on both of those methods :)

  4. Danny says:

    Thanks for the reply mate.

    I want to share with the outside world.

    Thank you.

    1. DrF says:

      These guides might help you then :

      How to guide: Using your Sky satellite card in your Dreambox or other 3rd party receiver

      How to guide: How to setup the listen port & host name in one CCCam

      How to guide: How to setup CCCam Clines & Flines

      How to guide: Setup 2 Dreamboxs for cardsharing in a Lan Or Wan

      Basically what you need to do is setup a host on the Dreambox itself and have your router forward the correct ports to it, then you set about setting up Clines etc.
      I’ll see if I can dig up some more guides, theres loads here.

  5. Danny says:

    Hi Mr. DrF

    I’d like to let you in on what I got now.

    1.PC with Debian Gnome (server) – Thank to this guide :)

    2. Dreambox with ccam. Guide 1 is unneccessary.
    Guide 2 and 3 is something I already have done earlier.

    And the last guide is something I can’t do due to the fact that I do not own two DB’s.

    I appreciate the guides and will bookmark them for use in the future!

    My mission is that I want to start sharing my clines with other peers who aren’t in the same network as me (other cities).

    Is this possible?

    1. DrF says:

      Yes it is very possible :)

      You need to setup the host name and details on your box and forward the correct ports with your router and then just make them a user name/password with a Fline and just give out the corresponding Cline, they then if everythings going well be able to share your card. Theres a bit in that guide about half way down (Part 7 “adding a peer”) Most people use that Dynamic DNS service like No-ip.com(http://www.no-ip.com/) to get a free usable easy to remember host name

      How to guide: How to setup CCCam Clines & Flines

      Near the end :
      CCcam Config Basics Explained

      May be of use ? :
      How to guide: Setup F Line in CCCam to expire (add expiry date)

  6. Danny says:

    Thanks for the quick respons. I’m still looking through your guide.

    BTW, I have Easy CConfig v2.3


    Wouldn’t this be easy to use when sharing my clines?

    1. DrF says:

      Never heard of that app before, but it looks like it would make your life ALOT easier, since it looks to generate both ends of the lines (Fline/Cline, connection etc.) in the correct formats for use right away, would save a load of potential trouble shooting. Even has FTP upload for the updated cccam configs and files, pretty neat that :)

  7. Danny says:

    Thank you again for your reply.

    Would you believe that this will work on sharing the clines?

    The difference between Flines and Clines are F is for Friends and C is for connections.

    If I were to “share” with a friend I would have to give him Flines and Clines from me? Or from the subscription im currenty on?

  8. Joseph says:

    Hi again friend!

    I’ve read your correspondence with “Danny”.

    I have install Debian on my PC.

    I’ve also installed FTP.

    My question is now:

    1). Should I copy the CCCam file from the box and into the computer, and use it with Filezilla?

    I already have a domain.


  9. Use Soup says:

    I complete all the setting. I gate all the Astro, I can only play radio but i can,t watch TV. i got the Tv channel but no picture. Can you tell me what’s the problem. TQVm

  10. wandji says:

    thanks to this guide i have succesfully installed cccam server on ubuntu.
    now, which hardware will i need to add to my server to be able to add my card?
    my aim is to share canal+ africa

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