How to guide: Removing the Gemini Time Bomb in Dreambox Firmware images (DM500S)

A short how to guide on how to remove the Gemini Time Bomb thats in some genuine Dreambox (DM500S) firmware image packs.

How to Remove Gemini free time bomb virus yourself – DM 500s.


1-PC with Linux OS ? In this Tutorial I am using Ubuntu-8.04.4-desktop-i386.
2-You need Original Gemini image.
3-You need to download the below Scripts ? (Attached Scripts.rar).

How to:

1-Create a folder on ubuntu ? In this example its ?dreambox? ? Fig 1
From Main menu ? Click Places ? Click Home Folder
Create a folder with name: dreambox

2 -Copy DM Scripts to the folder dreambox.
Click by Right button on each script.
Click Properties.
Click on Permission Tab.
Check the box on ?Allow Execution file as program? ? Fig2

3-Copy the original Gemini Image to the folder dreambox.
Rename to simple name for example here we name it ?Gemini?.

4-Now open the terminal:
Click on Main menu ? Click Accessories ? Click terminal
And type the following commands:

cd dreambox
./undreamboxfs Gemini.img image
Check fig. 3

5-Now a folder called Gemini has been created under the folder dreambox.
6-Now it?s the time to remove the time bomb virus from image:
7-Delete the file head.ko from the path:dreambox/image/lib/modules/2.6.9/extra
8-Copy the clean head.ko file ? (Attached head.ko.rar)
On the same path: dreambox/image/lib/modules/2.6.9/extra
9-Finally from the terminal type:
./mkdreamboxfs image shata-image.img

10-Now on dreambox folder you have a clean image (without time bomb virus) with the name: shata-image.img

Enjoy your new image.


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