Utility: Dreambox Control Center (DCC) V2.95

Download for the Dreambox utility application “Dreambox Control Center (DCC” Version 2.95. May be of some use to some people for there Dreambox receivers or clones (LinuxSat, V8, EagleBox etc.)

Dreambox control center v2.95 downloadDreambox control center V2.95 setup/installer download :

Dreambox control center v2.95 download






  1. richard walton says:

    hi i have a eagle box linux box connected 2 internet i keep losen channels is this 2 do with sharen card on ther also my m8 gts the same prblm losen channls plz can u explain y and is ther better sft ware or nw sft ware got 2 go in bx cheers m8 richy

    1. DrF says:

      It sounds like you got a pre-setup box. The problem you are having is to do with problems at the other end basically the card sharing server you and your mate are hooked up to is either :

      (1) overloaded – too many users (a single card can only handle so much sharing), maybe the trader or service your connected to just cant handle the load.
      (2) poorly setup – unstable crashes alot.
      (3) poor connection/hardware/setup or combination of all of the above.
      (4) if your losing only certain pay channels but not others this could be a problem with the server end not having them/losing them on there subscription or your entitlements being altered for what ever reason.

      Most problems with bad services tend to be from card sharers/traders cutting costs at every corner.

      You will most likly find your box and software is absolutely fine. If the problem is just a random one its 9/10 there end, if its constant its yours (cccam prob, psus, signal issues)

      Any other info you can give would help get a better answer :)

      Hope this helps a little bit :)

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