How to guide: Improving CCCam performance by controlling extra reshares

How to correctly setup CCCam to limit users who are many hops away from the local card, this will improve overall performance for everyone.

cccam setup screenImprove Your Servers Performance By Controlling ExtraReshare

Most using CCcam servers will have the odd peer who does not properly restrict reshare levels, harmless enough you might think but what it actually means is your server is being hit with requests for a card which is infact 4 hops away from the owner most likey resulting in bad ecm even if you are using a good fline like

F: user password 2 0 0 { 0:0:2 } { } { } peers dns address

Stopping these extra reshare by restricting them so your intened peer can view only on your fline makes a massive difference to both the load on your server and of course good ecm numbers.

Have a look at your shares tab in CCcam info :

This is just a small example but you can see circled the shares which can be reshared more than once causing extra load & bad ecm. To stop this simply add the affected caid numbers followed by :1 to all flines meaning your peer can reshare only your local but view all others for himself only.

E.G in the above picture we can see these caids allowing more than 1 reshare

100:68, 100:6c, 100:6a, 500:22200

With this info we can now restict these cards like this :

F: user password 2 0 0 { 0:0:2, 100:68:1, 100:6c:1, 100:6a:1, 500:22200:1 } { } { } peers dns address

The list does not need to be as long as this as you can limit complete caid groups like this in one go :

F: user password 2 0 0 { 0:0:2, 100:0:1, 500:22200:1 } { } { } peers dns address

Here all with caid starting 100:0 are limited to view by peer only, be careful when doing it this way that you do not include the caid of your own local card(s) as normally 1 reshare is given of these between peers.

Below is an example of what the peer would receive before and after adding these restrictions


Little things like these make a big difference to CCcams performance, if you do not do this already you will notice an improvement immediatley.

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