Tool: CCcam Editor "2012" for CCcam 2.3.0

CCCam editor tool version 2012 for the popular softcam card emulator plugin CCCam (version 2.3.0). Compatible with Dreambox, AzBox, OpenBox and other Linux based satellite receivers running the cccam plugin/addon software. Can help in basic setup, adding & removal of Cline,Fline & Nlines and other options.

cccam setup screenCCcam Editor “2012″ for CCcam 2.3.0 

01-01-2012 : 2.3.0 build 2213

Bug fixes :

  • * Updated For CCcam 2.3.0
  • * little bug fixed. (dit not load i***** camkey or was it camdata from file and box)
  • * Added Timer with selectable interval on Webinfo page

I Hope It Works All Fine , Feel Free to test.

Happy New Year to all.

Download :



  1. abdul aziz says:

    can i get the cccam cline

  2. Pedro Tomas Mota says:

    I need one image with Cccam for dm7020s.
    Could your help
    Thanks a lote

  3. shafeeq says:

    i need to know where to put in “keys” for mgcamd on dm600pvr receiver with Pli image

    1. admin says:

      You put your “keys” (cline etc.) in a file called “mg_cfg”
      See this guide :

      How to guide: Use Mgcamd with CCcam and Newcs

      Covers both Enigma 1 (DM500 and Clones etc.) & Enigma 2 (DM800 and Clones etc.) based satellite receivers

  4. sky de server says:

    Hello.Not sure if this is the right place to ask.Where can i find a cardsharing server subscription?

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