Firmware: OpenPLI Turko (v18a) Dreambox DM500s “Blue Silver Brushed HD”

New version of OpenPLi firmware image for the Dreambox DM500S, clones & compatibles (Eaglesat, LinuxSat, V8 etc.) Has some new skins and updated CCCam & MgCamd plugins preinstalled and ready to go. Full list of features & changes in the post. Quick update on last months V17.

OpenPLI Turko (v18a) Dreambox DM500s “Blue Silver Brushed HD”

Image used in skins:

  • darkpli_8
  • Blue Silver Brushed HD
  • Blue Silver Brushed HD_2
  • Blue Silver Brushed HD_lite



  • Turkish,
  • Türkçe,
  • Deutch.(Other languages ​​can be downloaded from addons)

Changes :

  • New bootlogo used.
  • Radio and scan logos changed.
  • Integrated with CCcam 2.3.0.
  • 1:38 Mgcamd integrated.
  • Ecminfo integrated.
  • Server information is integrated into the custom menu.
  • Inadyn integrated configuration.
  • MoviePlayer integrated.
  • Werbezapper integrated.
  • Teletext * is available.
  • Count To satellite.xml many satellites were used.
  • Channels done side by side with the help button.
  • Occupancy rate is 26% …

Install :

Dream up, or DreamBox-OptiFlasher-v1.0.2

* Note: every time upload the guarantee  with the DREAM UP …


Download :

OpenPLi-Turko v18a DM500s Blue Silver Brushed_HD_By meteor


  1. MatySat says:

    Uploaded on my cloned DM500S, killed !!!
    green led always on, box dead…. :( ((((

    Any clue?

  2. DrF says:

    Some info in the recovery procedure is here, seems like your Dreambox DM500s has gone into recovery mode. The question would be why though, but I would first unbrick the box.

    How to guide: Flashing a Dreambox DM500S or DM600 in less than 2 mins

    That works with no image or a broken/corrupt firmware image on the box. Its using the boot loaders recover mode to start up again. I hope that works, theres loads more recovery style guides here but that seems to have the highest success

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