Firmware: Evolution.1-dm800se-20120124-Sim210.84.b.riyad66 (Dreambox Dm800SE)

A firmware image for the Dreambox DM800SE clones & compatibles and also other Enigma 2 based satellite receivers.

Name :

  • Evolution.1-dm800se-20120124-Sim210.84.b.riyad66

Box :

  • Dream Multimedia Dreambox Dm800SE

Compatibility :

  • Dm800SE
  • Enigma 2

Information :

Enigma patched by ramiMAHER thanks

  • image patched by riyad66
  • secondstage is 84b sim2
  • bootlogo sim2 fractal by riyad66

Plugins :

  • Spinner
  • ::TSpanel4.6 default::
  • ProtonTools
  • WebInterface


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    je trouve votre site très intéressant

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