How to guide: How to manually add a single channel (Dreambox DM500S/DM800 & Clones)

This guide covers how to add a single channel manually to your Dreambox DM500S/DM800 or compatible/clone satellite based Enigma 1 or 2 receiver.

How to manually add a new channel?

Menu-Setup-searching service-manual scan

For example, I took a new channel packages TeamSat BH – RTRS

select the satellite and the parameters for the channel (network scan – YES) and click OK to search

Now exit to the image and then open the bouquet – satellite

Click the MENU button on the channel and add service to bouquet

select the bouquet you want (eg favorites)

Now the channel is transferred to the bouquet favorites. go to the bouquet and if you want to move the channel to a specific place again click menu on the channel and turn MOVE MODE

click on the same channel will change color, which means that it can move to where you want

clicking again channel remains at the place where you want to …


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  1. Jay says:

    Hi I recently downloaded the latest menu on my iNetbox 300s dreambox receiver and then I noticed a change in the category listing it seemed like it was written in Germsn, realising this I restored my box to factory setting but now it doesn’t have any categories its just a list of channel, please help me how to get the category back

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