How to guide: Dreambox firmware image auto installer (FlashWizard Pro)

How to use FlashWizard pro to automatically install a firmware image on a Dreambox, just drag & drop, no need for FTP, Telnet, JTAG, button combos, serial leads etc. Very easy method.



Lan cable :

Backup your firmware image :

Selecting your new Dreambox firmware image :

Never dreamt to install a Dreambox firmware image just by doing a simple “Drag & Drop” from your Windows desktop, and then just watching your PC screen until install is finished?

Never asked, why to get in trouble with FTP, Telnet, and ugly shell commands when you could be using a program that could do all that stuff with an easy to use GUI interface?

Never thought: “Every time Flash Erase? Could be possible to do it automatically?”

You might also think that managing multiboot images is not easy and not comfortable with the remote control?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, this is the solution: FlashWizard !

Summary of features :

  • FlashWizard PRO is a powerful firmware installer for Dreambox DM7000 - DM500 - DM 56×0, with channels, bouquets, settings and timerlist copy and restore options.
  • FlashWizard allows to install Dreambox images directly from Windows desktop via drag and drop, performing automatically all the needed procedures (including reboot and flash erase).
  • No more buttons to press on Dreambox panel!
  • Images can be installed in Flash memory or Multiboot, on Hard Disk and/or Usb Stick, even together: they will be automatically recognized at boot-up time.
  • FlashWizard allows also to make complete Backups of the installed images, both for flash memory and multiboot, that can be restored at anytime, even on other dreamboxes than yours.
  • FlashWizard PRO has his own boot menu in 256 colors, that allows to display the boot logo (the starting picture) also for the images installed in multiboot on Usb Stick or Hard Disk or NFS mount.
  • And, more, the VCR Scart output is enabled by FlashWizard PRO boot menu, even at boot time.

Files : http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/v5g1oNw5/file.html

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