Guide : Remove the password from Dreambox,with tuxbox Commander

Guide : How to remove the password from Dreambox DM500,600,700,800HD etc. satellite receivers,with tuxbox Commander.

Remove the password from the Dreambox and with the help tuxbox Commander

Open tuxbox Commander and enter the directory / var / etc / and then get the passwd file, and press the button 4 (Edit) on the remote control.
Firstly, enter the following: root:: 0:0 ::/:/ bin / sh
also create the file passwd in ~
This is done by selecting the first row with the arrow keys on your remote and press OK. Deleting is done with the VOLUME -,
and writing as well as writing a text message on your mobile phone.
Thus the Dreambox passworada without a new creation can be done with the help of Telnet. Poktene the Telnet log
with a blank password and then house the command passwd
It is also possible to enter a new password with the help of the DreamBox. This can be done in the Extra / Setings / Password.
Enter a new password and that’s it. Now Dreambox a new password by this time one should remember that nebismo had repeated the entire procedure

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  1. khuram says:

    is this for the ftp password? thanks

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