How to guide: How to change Dreambox (DM500,5620 & 7000)image but keep, previous settings

How to guide: How to change Dreambox image but keep, previous settings. Usefull when upgrading or trying a new image, firmware, flash etc. on your Dreambox and you want to keep your old settings. Works with DM500,5620,7000 etc. clones & genuine.

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Change the image while other settings remain in the Dreambox root cramfs

Probably many know it but here for those who do not know and wants to know.
I will try to explain it better.
Released a new image (Gemini) and we now want to be reintroduced into the dreambox but when could we do but we ostanju in other settings jemu (list of channels, various plugins, various settings and Emulators)
can do it in two ways:
The first is that the net take off the latest image you want (but be careful if you have to put in Gemini can not for example Gemini Nabilo etc, and if Nabilo ubacaš Nabilo) Extract it and rename-to-root.cramfs

and then over the total komandera or for which you use the program, insert it into the tmp folder

Now through the remote enter the dream-menu-settings-advanced-settings-manual software upgrade update-

then throws a message that you follow the instructions to confirm with OK. and wait for the process to complete (do not touch anything) then I rersetuje dream and eventually you get a new image (Gemini) with the old settings.
Another way to do that directly with a net upgrade image.
Dream must be connected to the Internet, so we go from the beginning: with remote push-menu-settings-advanced-settings-internet software upgrade update-ok-

and then it will list out the three most recent geminija, you naturally choose the latest and press-ok-

installation process begins and when it’s finished eject message (Are you sure you want to upgrade to this new version) you confirm that the (green button)
Now do not touch anything while the dream is complete upgrade to the new imagea.Dream I reboot and it is to get you the latest image and all your other settings are there.
I hope to help some colleagues who do not know …
Checked the DM500S-image-GEMINI, GEMINI-EVOLUTION support and upgrade it until EVOLUTIO not ………………….

stated “root.cramfs” method only works on firmware dreambox with the “img” format (DM500, 5620, 7000). If you try this method with flesirati dreambox receiving “nfi image of its owner will remain with the dead boxom which will only succeed in inspiring DreamUP

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