How to guide : How to flash the Dream Multimedia Dreambox DM500HD via USB

A how to guide/tutorial on how to upgrade the Dreambox DM500HD satellite box firmware/flash image via your PC’s USB port.

Dream multimedia Dreambox Dream DM500HD satellite receiver

No you will never use the USB mini Port, and using Dreamup is not Required for Flashing.

But you can if it its easer for you:

Manual update firmware DM 500HD via mini-usb & Lan Network

Items required:
1) mini-usb male to male USB & Cat5 Network Cable

2) Universal DreamUP


1)Unplugged the Dream 500HD

2)We connect the cable for its part mini-usb port and “Service” of the Dream DM500HD and the USB to a USB port on your PC and also the Lan Cable from your Router

3)Just plug it in, the PC will detect new hardware connected to the system:

4)The PC will ask the driver for this new component, Windows 7 will download the driver Auto

5)Open the Windows Device Manager, and you will see the new hardware installed, will appear as COM port (even a USB cable). In the following example, is recognized as the cable into the port COM4.

6)We opened the universal DreamUP (for example) and select the update COM port (like any other model of Dreambox). At this point, we choose the COM port that we appeared in the previous step (COM4 in this example).

7)Press the Connect button the DreamUP universal and we can turn
the Dream DM500HD to start loading new firmware/flash/image.

So there are the Two ways to flash the Receiver, and Yes a Previous Copy of E2 Channel List is the best way to upload the Channel List, or you will have to scan each one Independantly.

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