Flashing a new firmware image onto the Dreambox DM7020

A  guide to flash a new firmware image to the Dreambox DM7020 satellite receiver using the tool DreamUp.

Official DreamMultimedia DreamUP

First disconnect the box from main power
start the program “DreamUp

select: comport 1 or 2
use network
if network: enter the local IP from your PC, enter a remote IP for your Box

press the “Connect” – button
and then connect the box to main power
please wait now

after the flash loader is transfered into the Box select the firmware by pressing
the “Flash” – button

select the firmware and click “open”

upload starts now, please wait

Box is flashing the new firmware into the flash memory, please wait

flashing done, press “OK”
press “disconnect then exit”
restart the box



  1. Mota says:

    please I need a help to flashing the DM 7020s

  2. mota Pedro says:

    please I neend a help to flashing my DM 7020S

  3. Pedro Tomas Mota says:

    I have Dm 7020 its show dream multimedia and stop, but dont start. plese give me a help
    Thanks a lot

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