How To guide : Use Wlan on the Dreambox DM800HD PVR

How to guide use Wlan (wireless/wifi) on the Dream Multimedia Dreambox DM800HD PVR satellite receiver.

Dream multimedia DreamBox DM800PVR satellite receiverHow To use Wlan on our DM800HD PVR

1. Menu–> Setup –> System –> Network –> Enable Wlan
2. Connect Your Wlan dongle and press OK
Your Dreambox will restart to enable wlan
3. Now You will see all networks around. Select right one and press OK on it
4. Here You need to choose what You want to use DHCP or No ( both mode is OK)
In same window You need to select Encryption Type and put Encryption Key – USE
ONLY WPA WEP mode is not work here ( if somebody have success using WEP mode
please inform us)
Also by pressing blue button You can put Your ISP Primary and Secondaty DNS ( if it
Now press OK to activate all changes
You have working WLAN on Your new baby now

p.s. to roll back Your wired line go to
Menu–> Setup –> System –> Network –> Enable LAN
p.p.s I was do my tests using this WLAN adaptor
D-Link DWL-G122 11g Wireless USB Adaptor

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