How to guide: Auto reboot script for Dreambox receivers

2 Methods for automatically rebooting Dream Multimedia DreamBox satellite receivers at chosen times.

First way:

just run the command

crontab -e

add this line:

0 0 * * * root reboot

this will reboot your box every day at 24h

Short explanation:

minute / hour / day / month / dayofweek / command
0 / 0 / * / * / * / root reboot

Secont way:

Add as file reboot_timer.sh in map /var/script (chmod 755!!)



while true
DateSTR=`date +%H%M%S`
#echo “$DateSTR”
if [ "$DateSTR" -ge "$strHour$strMin"00 ] && [ "$DateSTR" -le "$strHour$strMin"10 ]; then
echo “its time¬†to reboot”
#shutdown -r now
exit 0
#echo “do sleeping”
sleep 8

Add as inadyn_script.sh in map /var/script/

/var/script/reboot_timer.sh &

test -f $DAEMON || exit 0

set -e

Reboot the dreambox and it should now auto reboot every night at 04 00


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  1. Danny says:

    Hi Mate Iam having problems with my dm800 I already have a script running to check my cam’s running if not restart but the problem seems to be the wifi, even though its connected its not recieving information and you need to manually restart the network then picture comes on, I was wandering if theres a script to restart wi-fi say if the box cant ping google.com? say every 30 mins or so? any advise appreciated cheers Danny

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