How to guide: Run a DreamBoX dm500s without a router

How to run a Dream multimedia Dreambox DM500S satellite receiver without a router (via a PC)

dreambox-dm500s sky cardsharing cs card share plug and play satellite receiver package all channels

Welcome to this simplified explanation of the creative to run DREAMBOX 500S without a router.

And the first thing you will not need your computer is a doorway of communication between Dreambox and computer input ETHERNET

This metal

And we need this ethernet cable.

First you have to have your driver will The entrance to the EHERNET

We now begin with the settings that we have to do and with Continued Yalsourp beneath

And where we have to enter the My Network

We were the amendments that the image beneath it

After that we are heading for the previous rom then to the

network card

We are your settings for the necessary

Should be the same data that you entered My Network same Dreambox

Please compensation to

We have now completed the computer settings

Now we go to Settings Dreambox

We first push of a button from the menu choose Alermott control was sutep

Was exper setup choose to show us as the picture below it

And then decide, as the picture underneath

Remove the tag for DHCP and make the settings as the image underneath

After the settings you will notice that Dreambox automatically contact network card at around

And appears in the image on the left connect your new DreamboX

cccam 2.1.4 Choose from among EMUS and activate the image beneath it also

And then you will have channel encoded according to the strength server


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