How to guide: How to install 1-10 LNBs on a Dreambox: (Using 1-10 DiSEqC switch)

How to install 1-10 LNBs (Astra, Hotbird, Polsat, Eurosat, Canal, Sky etc.) on a Dream multimedia satellite Dreambox DM500,DM800,DM600 etc.: (Using 1-10 DiSEqC switch)

dreambox multi lnb setup for hotbird, astra, polsat, skyHow to install 1-10 LNBs on a Dreambox: (Using 1-10 DiSEqC switch)

Using Dreambox 7000 with 1-10 DiSEqC switch (can be modified for 800-8000)
the switch used is Echolink but the same applies to other brands.

From Set up menu (using remote control)

Select Service searching.
Select Satellite configuration. (A new page shows)

Select non standard User defined configuration
Select the satellite name

Select LNB 0 and OK (this is the 1st changeable item)
A page opens up
Select Increase voltage
Select Blue button for next page

Select the following settings
Tone burst = None
DiSEqC mode = 1.1
DiSEqC parameter= none
DiSEqC repeats = none
Uncommitted switch = Input 1 * (this is 2nd changeable item)

Sequence repeat, Fast DiSEqC, Swap commands . = P
(This makes the switching between satellites faster)
Save (green button)

Repeat the process For LNB1, 2 …8. By choosing a new satellite

*(The only change is in uncommitted switch box)

LNB 0 = Input 1
LNB 1 = Input 2
LNB 2 = Input 3
LNB 3 = Input 4
LNB 4 = Input 5
LNB 5 = Input 6
LNB 6 = Input 7
LNB 7 = Input 8
LNB 8 = Input 9
LNB 9 = Input 10

Save your set up (Green button)

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