How to guide: Setting up 4 or more LNBs on a Dreambox

A quick guide on  how to setup  4 of more LNBs on a Dreambox satellite receiver. For multi sat satellite (Astra, Hotbird, Thor, Sky etc.)

multi lnb setup on spiderbox

Tutorial: Setting up more than 4 LNBs for Dreambox

You will need a Universal antenna relay
(e.g. SPAUN SUR-211F for upto 8 LNBs)

This can be used with a 4 output DiSEqC switch to add 2 x 4 LNBs on 1 wire


(e.g. Spaun SUR 420 F for upto 16 LNBs)

This can be used with a 4 output DiSEqC switch to add 4 x 4 LNBs on 1 wire

1- Go to Setup menu by pushing the Dream button.

2- Select service searching.

3- Select Satellite configuration.

4- Select Non-standard User defined configuration.

5- Change the Satellites according to your choice,
(OK in the drop menu on each satellite name).

6- Move curser (< >) to select LNB (from 0 to 16)

7- Select LNB 0

8- Press OK to go to LNB configuration.

9- On LNB configuration setup the LNB LO/L to 9750 LO/F to 10600
(or any other values depending on LNB)

9a- For C Band LO use 5150 on both LO (this may vary for C band LNBF).

10- Push BLUE button to go to next menu.

11- Select the DiSEqC Parameter according to your LNB sequence as follows

A/A=3D DiSEqC 1
A/B=3D DiSEqC 2
B/A=3D DiSEqC 3
B/B=3D DiSEqC 4

12- Select Uncommitted Switch.

13- Set Input 1 for the 1st DiSEqC.

14- Repeat the above steps for the 2nd DiSEqC.
Set Input 2 for the 2nd DiSEqC (and so on)

15- Push the GREEN button to save your setting.

16- You now have 8 LNBs configured

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