How to guide: Flash a Dreambox without a serial cable – Using FTP & Telnet (DM500S)

This video guide covers how to upgrade, backup, restore, flash the firmware image on a Dreambox DM500S without the use of a serial cable. Using FTP & Telnet.Here is the video guide :


  1. Norman F Brooks says:

    Excelant tutorial.
    Very very helpfull.
    Thank you.

    1. DrF says:

      Glad you found it of use :)
      Theres loads of other guides on here you may find useful, we try to update every few days if we can :)

  2. jojo says:

    great one, but where do i download the software inorder to flash, maybe you can help, i tried used crosscable to flash but the logon info is not the same, is there anyway to find out the user id and passwd from the dream box . cheers aprreciate it



    1. DrF says:

      Yes, depending on what mode of access you want Telnet/Web/Serial the pass may be different there are guides on how to reset the passwords on all of these if you don’t know them here and guides on how change them to what you want all in this section http://starview-6.info/?cat=9 there are loads of dif guides/methods depending on whats happening at your end. There are some newer guides in there on flashing also using nice and simple Windows based apps that were only posted in the last week in or so too.

      See here also :

  3. shibo says:

    Thanks a ton man! Life saver! :D

    1. DrF says:

      Not a problem :)
      Look around theres lots more easy guides in the Dreambox, if you cant find something just mail and we will see what can be done :)

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