How to guide: Using a Dreambox as Client

A how to help/guide on using the Dreambox satellite receiver series as a client box.

This tutorial assumes that you already made connection
between your box and PC. And Using Gemini Image.

just follow the pictures

Now Press The Blue Botton in your remote control this should appear
and select as highlighted

Now we have to go back and install the config files as follows

its better now to restart your box

we assume that you know how to FTP to your BOX

in your PC use any FTP program (FlashFXP is used in this tuto.)

Just Follow the pictures

This one for DM7020

This one for DM7000

Here you have to put your given info for the server

Exit your FTP Program go back to your box

on the remote control just press Blue choose Newcamd-Beta
then Green as shown in the Pic.

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