How to guide: Image backup & restore procedure for bricked Dreamboxs

A picture guide on how to backup & restore a image to a Dreambox that has become bricked/dead or none responsive to other methods of communications (serial/web/lan etc.)

Image Backup & Restore With DreamUP

The purpose of this guide is to provide a backup which is made with the purpose of restoring your Dreambox back to a state preferred by you. This guide uses a null modem cable and the backup created will be flashable only with DreamUp via a null cable.

This type of backup is ideal for situation when you have lost network communications to your Dreambox through a corrupt image.

Ensure your Dreambox is switched off before making cable connection and leave it powered of till later.

1. Start DreamUp and ensure the use network box is unticked.
2. In the serial port box ensure the correct com port is selected.

3. Click on the connect button and wait for the Connection prepared now switch on your Dreambox prompt.

4. Switch on your Dreambox.

5. Now click the backup button and enter a name for your Dreambox Backup in the file name box ending the file name with .img then click save.

6. Your backup will now start and will take around 12 minuets.

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  1. cliff says:

    Hello Helper
    I was trying to flash my dreambox 500c remotely when it returned error, after attempting to restart the box the PLi JADE screen began to load, and a while it began to flash (blink) I connect the the dreambox via Ethernet and deleted the remote file hoping i can replace them with the original before i started messing with the box, after deleting the files, i restarted the box to find out is my blink problem was solved, but the PLi JADE welcome screen would not more, and the remote became unresponsive.
    when I plug in the Ethernet cable the dream is assigned an IP address, when i try to ftp or telnet into the box I get nothing. I do not have a Null service modem cable. I also tried Dreamup, dreamboxEdit, Flashwizard, but nothing helps

    Is there a way that I can still flash the DB seeing that is still assigns itself an IP address? or is there a physical way to reset the DB?

    I look forward for your help.

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