How to guide: Change hardware MAC address of Dreambox

How to change the hardware MAC address of your Dreambox receiver, this is important incase your have a address that has been used on many clone box’s and banned from public/private cardsharing servers etc.


Then we necessarily read this tutorial:


ATTENTION : Don't forget to make a backup image !

1st Download FLASH WIZZARD(or Dreamup) and upload the modified firmware image "brainwave mac address changer.fw2" to dreambox

2nd Reboot dreambox and then, connect using telnet (use dhcp, and find the assigned IP in the control panel).
The login/password are the default credentials (root/dreambox).

3rd execute the script calling it like this :


The XX XX XX XX XX XX is the desired MAC ADDRESS. Do not use colons to separate the bytes.

This is ok -->patchME 00 09 34 01 AA 55

This is not ok --> /var/patchME 00:09:34:01:AA:55

Congratulations ! Mac address permanently changed.

Feel free to upload your backup image.

The first part of the MAC address before changing

MAC after the changes and reboot

This means, first through Dreamup, place the Image(brainwave_MAC_CHANGER),

then unplug-plug the Dreambox from the mains, then via a PC, push: Start-run-telnet "IP of your DM", when you in your DM via telnet , then you immediately write

patchME 00 09 34 XX XX XX,(this is examply,you need to write full new IP adress)

means without a colon, and instead put X number of 0-9 or a letter from A to F, for example 00 09 34 1F 2D 9E

I know that many harvested for this, but I got a request from some members to explain to them, and remember, I am not responsible for damages if you putting the wrong, for me, as well as many members that use this,works whell with any Image as Gemini,..

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