How to guide: Dreambox DM100S Private Server Setup

A small/quick guide on how to setup a private sharing server with a Dreambox DM100S as the server unit.

Dreambox DM100S card sharing linux satellite receiverDM-100 (Private Server Setup) With File 219A or 221A

1. Press-Menu Botton
2. Go to-Expert Setup (Press OK )
3. Press-Pass Word NO-0101
4. TCP/IP Mode- DHCP
5. GO to-Card Client Setup (Press OK)
6. NEW CAMD ( Press OK ).
7. Server- 1
8. STATUS– Enable
9. Host Select – You will See HOST IP Is Their, You have to Change it in to (HOST NAME)
In your Remote Press Right (VOL+) Botton then it will
Turn in to NAME- (HOST NAME)
10. Now Go to HOST NAME (Press OK) and a KEYBOARD will appear, you have to put your Server Name in Here

11. Port – Put Your port number.

12. User ID -Enter Your (access code)
13. User PW- Enter Your (access code)
14. DES KEY- Enter 6103…….as it is sent to you, your server provider.

After done press Exit-Exit….


  1. jack says:

    What is the exact numbers for the DES…..6103???

    I never tried to setup the private server and this will be my very first time

    As for the ID & Password do I have to create a new id & password?

    Thank you so much and looking forward of trying out

    Take care always


  2. William kinison says:

    I’m having trouble setting my dreambox 100 up. Does it need a special card or cord to connect it??

    1. admin says:

      No special leads are required to link a DM100 to a TV set or power it up, where are you stuck?

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