How to guide : Tutorial explaining the basics about DiSEQC switches

A video guide explaining the basics, setup, fitting and uses of a 4 into 1 DiSEQC switch. Useful when you have multiply LNB’s and 1 satellite receiver, or where not motorised satellite dish is available.

diseqc 4 into 1 switch

The guide explains the uses and technical problems  also other issues a user may come across with a 4 into 1 diseqc switch.


  1. Rogerio says:

    Gostaria de saber de está chave tem conserto, como posso fazelo.

    1. DrF says:

      Google Translate to ENGLISH :

      “I wondered key is fixable, how can I do it.”

      Key as in softcam key (Naga/Biss/MediaGuard/Irdeto/Seca etc?), cable key, satellite access key? What kind of key are you reffering to?

      Google Translate to SPANISH/Español :

      “Clave como en softcam clave (Naga / Biss / Mediaguard / Irdeto / etc Seca?), Clave por cable, clave de acceso por satélite? ¿Qué tipo de clave que según los planes de?”

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