How to guide: JTAG repair all in one guide for Dreambox Dm500S

A guide showing how to JTAG repair a bricked, broken, bad flash, corrupt firmware image on a Dreambox DM500S receiver. Useful when all else has failed.

JTAG DM500s AiO Repair

Dreambox DM500 Jtag repair satellite receiver cable

5 resistors of 100 Ohms at 2,3.4.5 and 11 pin 25 pin male connector
These labels are 1,2,4,5,6 tags that go on board Dream, you do not revolt it is not correct labels soldering those points, but my own label as indicated in Fig.

dreambox dm500s jtag cable

On the other side to connect a 15-25 and this wire goes to the board Dream at no. 16 or to ground.

dreambox dm500s jtag cable

And it goes as indicated in figure, with very short holding soldering iron at these points because it is very easy to know how to come off, and then you will need to solder the SMD resistors, so that it does not keep as short soldering iron.

dreambox dm500s jtag cable

When it all together, connect the 25 pin male connector on the extension serial cable 25pin / 25 pin m / f to the PC LPT port, you can now include the power to dream. If the Chinese copy of your Dream suffered from the “bomb” then you will Shine on Dream no LEDs.

This procedure requires repeated switching on and off the receiver dream to revive the process started, it is enough to click on the info.bat to verify that the tuner is working and what is the MAC address in the “dead” dream, and it will be written:

dreambox dm500s jtag firmware software

As can be seen in it is the correct MAC address DreamMultimedije 00 09 34 01 a4 3f, it is because this process has been revived, and this is just repeated that it could be PrintScreen-atClick here to enlarge

After pressing any key, the screen disappears, and now you can run write flash, then click on 2alps.bat:

dreambox dm500s jtag firmware software

Flash-Gel takes about 2 min. and it shows you the percentage. This file is 2alps.bat

MAC address 00 09 34 01 4d 1f, it can at will change if you rename the file 2alps.bat 2alps.txt and open it with ultra editor, change the MAC address, and only the second half, as it must be among the first DMM 00 09 34 the other half can be any combination of 0-9 and AF. To save and then rename again to 2alps.bat. This change does not have to work unless you have a local area network 2 Dream with the same MAC address, then one needs to address in this way to edit.

After 100% you get this message:
Btw, if you have an older copy of the Chinese Dream with Philips tuner, which you showed info.bat

Then you use 3philips.bat

dreambox dm500s jtag firmware software

After this, turn the power off, unplug the JTAG, turn the power back, and your dream is alive everything in it is left as it was before the bomb.
Now is your DM500 DMM’s MAC address and do not have to be afraid any bombs because the U.S.
as the original.

The files :


Mirror :



  1. bouni says:

    salut .
    j’ai besoin de jtag pour demo dreambox dm500s

    jtag dm500s

    1. DrF says:

      Translation : hello. “I need to jtag jtag demo Dreambox DM500 DM500S”

      How to guide: JTAG repair all in one guide for Dreambox Dm500S http://starview-6.info/?p=992

      How to Jtag repair Dreambox DM500s Satellite receiver (video) http://starview-6.info/?p=260

  2. vijai says:

    need try this

  3. vijai says:

    I need Jtag dreambox 500

    1. DrF says:

      The how to guide and I think we have videos on how to make the JTAG cable up for the DM500s and its clones.

      Here is the video guide :

      How to Jtag repair Dreambox DM500s Satellite receiver (video)

  4. abs says:

    Hi, is there a way to jtag and read the root password or reset it?


    1. DrF says:

      If you was Jtagging the DM500S you would end up reflashing putting another image on the box.

      If you want to just recover or reset the password see these :

      Tool: Windows Utility to remove all Dreambox passwords

      How to: Delete password from Dreambox using TuxBox Commander

      How to guide: Changing a Dreamboxs password using DreamBox Control Center (DCC)

      How to guide: Reseting Dreambox Root password

      How to guide: Change the password on the Dreambox receiver.

      How to reset your Dreambox password using remote control

      Guide : Remove the password from Dreambox,with tuxbox Commander

      How to reset DreamBox password

      Theres a few more around the site, check the Dreambox section might be some of use in there, or clones like the EagleBox im sure we had guides for that too in the same password situation :)

  5. onepic says:

    Is it possible to write the full image whith JTAG ? I have flashed the bootloader OK (green light on after the procedure) on my DM500S clone but the serial port is unaccesible with dreamup (all verssions) or with Hyperterminal. I replaced also the MAX3243 but the same. Thank you !

    1. DrF says:

      Usually its easiest to flash a complete image via JTAG as that puts the Dreambox back into its factory firmware working state. However since you seem to only have the bootloader working you could try this guide to force a flash over network.

      How to guide: Flashing a Dreambox DM500S or DM600 in less than 2 mins

  6. basharat ali says:

    i have dream dm 500s and it is not conect by rs232 now my dreambox is dead plz help me.

  7. DrF says:

    You could try as mentioned above your post, or you will be forced to do a full JTAG image recovery I think.

  8. Jahn says:

    Is there available SOURCE code of the jtag software for DM500 flashing?
    (Not only compiled source)

    1. DrF says:

      Not that I know off, there are many open source applications that can be used to flash the DM500s I am pretty sure some of them would come with there source, what is it you are looking for? just how they work? or whats in there?

      What about taking it apart with something like IDAPro?

  9. Jahn says:

    Yes, I would like to modify it.
    Do you have any link to such source?

    1. DrF says:

      That’s quite interesting, I do not have the source to this app. I’m sure some more generic flash/jtag apps would come with there source there’s quite a few of them available for Linux/Windows. Part of the prob I think is people have made the app for a certain box or task and made it easy for everyone to use, hence no instructions, source code or any other help :(

  10. mmm says:

    whta do i need to jtag my dm500

  11. jiangou2007 says:

    I tried DOS Jtag but it hangs at certain %..keep trying still same..
    now my when power on DM 500C-

    most of the times -green led will not turn on
    sometimes – both red and green led turn on
    sometimes -all 3 netowrk orange leds on

    i tried measure TP voltages on board and i do get reading.

    need your advise.

  12. kenny says:

    How to show the percentage and program title in channel list for Dreambox DM 500s? Thanks.

  13. hardy27 says:

    guys is there anywhere i could buy a ready-made jtag cable in the uk?

    1. Raf says:

      Hi, did you manage to get it, thanks

  14. internet streaming says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about dm500s. Regards

  15. slaki says:

    greeting people, I have a problem with dreambox 500s … a few days ago we stuck dream … just a picture race in cubes …. turn on, turn off, only bright green light …. try to flash the means of serial cable, PC will not connect … Unfold the dream, since it is not a new feature there is no guarantee …. previous owner have worked with him I do not know generally not nice to put the jack or whatever the one that goes with the serial port on the plate …. put a half rather than the whole as more … fix it right again will not …. I decide to try this with the lpt jtag … Alem ride shining a red light … the second time red 3 4 5 time red .. . try open info.bat … lights up green …. obvious mac address alps tuner and are more open … 2alps.bat finish all that you listed … disconnected … try again bright green just does not want to lights up .. try again 2alps.bat the same ….. I took some time for this message otherwise’m interested percent of you said that on XP sp3 reluctant to see that not … percent is at my right sp3 … not at all, or as in my case? still like to add that I tried on xp sp2 64 edition is on it will not go to 2alps.bat just throw error … Greetings to all forum…. my english is very bad :)

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