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How to guide: Upgrade change firmware image on Dreambox 7000 series

A guide on how to change, upgrade, install a new firmware image on the Dreambox 7000 series and its variants using a crossover cable and your PC no routers etc. needed.


How to guide: Changing a Dreamboxs password using DreamBox Control Center (DCC)

How to change the passwords on a Dreambox or another Enigma 1/2 based satellite receiver using Dreambox control center (DCC) full guide with pictures.


How to guide: Change the password on the Dreambox receiver.

A guide on how to change the passwords on the Dreambox series satellite receivers this is very important if the box is connected to any kind of network (internet, internal lan, card sharing etc.) as ALL Dreamboxs carry the same default combination of username & passwords from the factory, so anyone if they know the …

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