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How to guide: Flashing & Initial Setup Of Your DreamBox With Dreamup

A guide that covers flashing & initial setup of a  DreamBox with Dreamup, also applies to other Enigma 1/2 based satellite/cable receivers.


How to guide: Identify the differences between a Dreambox DM800HD & a DM800 Clone

This guide may help you identify the key differences between a Dream Multimedia DM800HD genuine receiver and a cheap Chinese DM800HD clone. This information is useful in troubleshooting, upgrades, firmware flashing and other situations where getting the wrong info may do some damage.


How to guide : How to flash the Dream Multimedia Dreambox DM500HD via USB

A how to guide/tutorial on how to upgrade the Dreambox DM500HD satellite box firmware/flash image via your PC’s USB port.


How to guide: How to flash a DreamMultimedia Dreambox DM500HD

How to flash a new firmware image onto the Dreambox DM500HD via a network/lan/router. The DM500HD is the high definition version of the the older Dreambox DM500S. Dont want a cable or satellite TV subscription? Click above