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How to guide: Flash new firmware image onto Dreambox DM7020

Quick short guide on how to flash a new firmware image to the Dreambox DM7020 satellite receiver using DreamUp.


Utility: Dreambox Control Center (DCC) V2.95

Download for the Dreambox utility application “Dreambox Control Center (DCC” Version 2.95. May be of some use to some people for there Dreambox receivers or clones (LinuxSat, V8, EagleBox etc.)


Drivers: Smargo Card Reader Drivers for Dreambox DM7025 & DM7020

Smargo card reader drivers and setup guide for the Dreambox DM7025 & DM7020 satellite receivers.


How to guide: Using Smargo cardreader with CCcam on Linux based receivers and PC servers.

A how to guide on how to setup a Smargo smart card card reader running via CCCam on a Linux based satellite receiver or a Linux based PC card server.


How to guide: How to use Dreamedit to backup & restore channel bouquets

A guide showing how to use DreamEdit to backup & restore the channel lists/bouquets on the Dreambox (Dm500/Dm800/Dm600 etc.) series satellite receivers & there clones (EagleBox/Linuxsat/V8 etc.) Discounted for UKCS visitors for the next 7 days


How to guide: Watch TV anywhere on a LAN streamed from a Dreambox

A guide showing how to watch the TV from your Dreambox satellite receiver anywhere on your local LAN via streaming.


How to: Delete password from Dreambox using TuxBox Commander

Ever forgotten your Dreambox password or other compatible Enigma 1/2 Linux based receivers. This guide will help, no need to wipe the box and reset it up.


How to guide: Change hardware MAC address of Dreambox

How to change the hardware MAC address of your Dreambox receiver, this is important incase your have a address that has been used on many clone box’s and banned from public/private cardsharing servers etc.


How to guide: Upgrade change firmware image on Dreambox 7000 series

A guide on how to change, upgrade, install a new firmware image on the Dreambox 7000 series and itsĀ variantsĀ using a crossover cable and your PC no routers etc. needed.


How to guide: Change the password on the Dreambox receiver.

A guide on how to change the passwords on the Dreambox series satellite receivers this is very important if the box is connected to any kind of network (internet, internal lan, card sharing etc.) as ALL Dreamboxs carry the same default combination of username & passwords from the factory, so anyone if they know the …

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How to guide: Using a Dreambox as Client

A how to help/guide on using the Dreambox satellite receiver series as a client box.


How to guide: How to remove/delete unwanted satellites on a Dreambox with DreamEdit

How to remove/delete unwanted satellites on a Dreambox with DreamEdit. The guide covers the Dreambox models DM500, DM600, DM7000, DM7020, DM7025, DM500HD, DM800HD & DM8000HD, but should work on other Dreambox models that can use DreamEdit.


How to guide: Control your TV with the DreamBox Remote

How to use your Dreambox remote to control your TV. Some TV need codes, they are listed. Known Dreambox models are 7000/7020/600/800HD other Dreambox remotes should work, but with alternative buttons.