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How to guide: Setup 2 Dreamboxs for cardsharing in a Lan Or Wan

This guide covers how to share services between 2 Dreamboxs on the same network (LAN or WAN). For instance having 1 box act as the server and the other as the client, no need for a PC or other type of external server service.


How to guide: Using a Dreambox as Client

A how to help/guide on using the Dreambox satellite receiver series as a client box.


How to guide: Flash a Dreambox without a serial cable – Using FTP & Telnet (DM500S)

This video guide covers how to upgrade, backup, restore, flash the firmware image on a Dreambox DM500S without the use of a serial cable. Using FTP & Telnet.


How to guide: DreamUp Tutorial – Flashing your Dreambox (DM500/DM800HD)

A video tutorial on how to flash, restore, upgrade, backup and modify the firmware on the Dreambox DM500 & DM800HD linux based satellite receivers. Maybe you need to install a different firmware image or restore the factory settings?


How to guide: Use Mgcamd with CCcam and Newcs

This guide shows how to use MgcamD with CCCAM & NewCS. Covers setup and adding C and N lines. The examples shows a Azbox but this guide will work on other Enigma & Enigma 2 based linux satellite receivers (Dreambox Dm500S, Eagle Box, Vu+, Azbox, Spiderbox etc.).


How to guide: Find your Dreambox Pin using Tuxbox Commander

How to find a lost or unknown Dreambox receiver pin code using TuxBox Commander. The pin code is sometimes set to restrict channels or stop the alteration of settings.


How to guide: Run a DreamBoX dm500s without a router

How to run a Dream multimedia Dreambox DM500S satellite receiver without a router (via a PC)


How to guide: Change mac address of DreamBox Dm800 & Dm800HD

A guide on how to change the mac address of the Dream Multimedia Dreambox Dm800 & Dm800HD series of Linux set top box satellite receivers. Dont want a cable or satellite TV subscription? Click above


How to guide: Setup Wireless networking (WLAN) on Dreambox DM800HD PVR running Nabilo firmware

How to setup wireless network connections on the Dreambox DM800HD PVR series satellite receivers that are running the firmware Nabilo Black Hole