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How to guide: How to edit CCcam.cfg using Shell commands (Telnet etc.)

A quick short guide on how to edit the CCCam.cfg file using shell commands, covers adding & editing users/Clines/Nlines etc.


How to guide: Fline (f:line) settings, setup, syntax and what it all means.

Following on from the guide on Clines, here is a guide on the correct settings and syntax for a Fline (f:line) guide explains what each part does and how it relates to your cccam settings on your receiver (Dreambox, AzBox, Openbox, VU+etc.)


How to guide: Cline settings, setup, syntax and what it all means.

Small quick guide on what each part of a typical Cline for CCCam means with the correct settings allowing fine tuning to a users use.  


How to guide: Take a screenshot on your Dreambox

Very useful when you may be trying to get help and need to show a odd problem/glitch etc.


How to guide: Connecting a USB drive to a Dreambox DM800 or DM800HD

A guide on how to connect and use a drive via the USB 2.0 port on the Dreambox DM800 or DM800HD for recording of TV freesat/sky/satellite/cable programming. This is different to using the DM800′s eSata port or internal port.


Identify : Differences between DM500S and it' s clones

Guide on helping identify clone from genuine Dreambox DM500S receivers. This is a very important step identifying your receiver correctly. Don’t want to put the wrong software/flash on it and end up with a door stop. The DM500S satellite receiver is VERY popular for cloners due to its super low price for such a feature …

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