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How to guide: Automatic CCcam 2.2.1 Installer script for Debian 6 Linux based PCs

A how to guide on how to install CCCam 2.2.1 on Debian Linux based PCs which are being used to run emulators, media centers, card sharing services etc. the automatic script takes care of everything.


How to guide: Stream Dreambox feed to PC with nGrab

How to guide on how to stream a Dreambox output to a network connected PC using nGrab.


How to guide: Playing DivX/XviD files on your Dreambox (Dm800)

A useful guide on how to play DivX/Xvid, Mp4, Avi movie files on your Dreambox Dm800, you can do this on a Dm500 but it don’t work aswell. Guide uses your PC & VLC as the server.


How to guide: How to mount your PC's hard drive for use with your Dreambox

Another guide on how to mount a PC hard drive as a external networked drive share for use by the Dreambox to record, time shift and pause live tv. Very useful PVR functions are available like this.


How to guide: DreamUp Tutorial – Flashing your Dreambox (DM500/DM800HD)

A video tutorial on how to flash, restore, upgrade, backup and modify the firmware on the Dreambox DM500 & DM800HD linux based satellite receivers. Maybe you need to install a different firmware image or restore the factory settings?


How to guide: Change mac address of DreamBox Dm800 & Dm800HD

A guide on how to change the mac address of the Dream Multimedia Dreambox Dm800 & Dm800HD series of Linux set top box satellite receivers. Dont want a cable or satellite TV subscription? Click above


How to guide: Streaming .avi Films From PC to Dreambox/TV

A guide on how to stream movies from a PC running VLC to a Dream Multimedia Dreambox satellite/cable receiver.


How to guide: Setup Wireless networking (WLAN) on Dreambox DM800HD PVR running Nabilo firmware

How to setup wireless network connections on the Dreambox DM800HD PVR series satellite receivers that are running the firmware Nabilo Black Hole


How To guide : Use Wlan on the Dreambox DM800HD PVR

How to guide use Wlan (wireless/wifi) on the Dream Multimedia Dreambox DM800HD PVR satellite receiver.