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How to guide: How to mount your PC's hard drive for use with your Dreambox

Another guide on how to mount a PC hard drive as a external networked drive share for use by the Dreambox to record, time shift and pause live tv. Very useful PVR functions are available like this.


How to guide: Connecting a USB drive to a Dreambox DM800 or DM800HD

A guide on how to connect and use a drive via the USB 2.0 port on the Dreambox DM800 or DM800HD for recording of TV freesat/sky/satellite/cable programming. This is different to using the DM800′s eSata port or internal port.


How to guide: Install & fit a hard disk drive into a Dreambox DM800HD

A video guide on how to install and fit a hard drive into a Dream Box DM800HD satellite receiver, shows assembly and disassembly of the receiver. This is useful for use in pausing TV, recording TV, time shifting, pvr functions etc.


How to guide: Setup Wireless networking (WLAN) on Dreambox DM800HD PVR running Nabilo firmware

How to setup wireless network connections on the Dreambox DM800HD PVR series satellite receivers that are running the firmware Nabilo Black Hole