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How to guide: Improving CCCam performance by controlling extra reshares

How to correctly setup CCCam to limit users who are many hops away from the local card, this will improve overall performance for everyone.


Firmware: Dreambox DM500S All in one Gemini, OsCam & CCCam UK ready

Here is a premade firmware package based on Gemini 4.70 with OsCam & CCCam 2.1.3 already preloaded. Also contains UK ready bouquets (SGTFlipFlop bouquets of 14/9/11 )  for the Dream Multimedia Dreambox DM500S satellite receiver. DreamUp & Flash Wizard versions are provided. All ready to go


How to guide: Check if CCCam is running and restart if needed.

A small script to run & save on your box that will check if CCCam is running and restart it if it has crashed/stopped responding. More useful for box’s or PC servers being used as card sharing setups.


How to guide: How to edit CCcam.cfg using Shell commands (Telnet etc.)

A quick short guide on how to edit the CCCam.cfg file using shell commands, covers adding & editing users/Clines/Nlines etc.


How to guide: Cline settings, setup, syntax and what it all means.

Small quick guide on what each part of a typical Cline for CCCam means with the correct settings allowing fine tuning to a users use.  


How to guide: How to setup the listen port & host name in one CCCam

A guide showing how to setup the listen port & host name in one copy of CCCam.


How to guide: How to setup CCCam Clines & Flines

A advanced step by step guide to installing, setup and configuring CCcam CLines & FLines.


How to guide: Dreambox DM100S Private Server Setup

A small/quick guide on how to setup a private sharing server with a Dreambox DM100S as the server unit.


How to guide: Change hardware MAC address of Dreambox

How to change the hardware MAC address of your Dreambox receiver, this is important incase your have a address that has been used on many clone box’s and banned from public/private cardsharing servers etc.


How to guide: Install a new firmware image but keep your old settings (Dreambox)

How to install a new, upgraded, different firmware image on your Dreambox receiver but keep all you old settings useful if you have forgot them or are lazy :p


How to guide: Setup 2 Dreamboxs for cardsharing in a Lan Or Wan

This guide covers how to share services between 2 Dreamboxs on the same network (LAN or WAN). For instance having 1 box act as the server and the other as the client, no need for a PC or other type of external server service.


How to guide: Use Mgcamd with CCcam and Newcs

This guide shows how to use MgcamD with CCCAM & NewCS. Covers setup and adding C and N lines. The examples shows a Azbox but this guide will work on other Enigma & Enigma 2 based linux satellite receivers (Dreambox Dm500S, Eagle Box, Vu+, Azbox, Spiderbox etc.).