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How to guide: Adding a external card reader to a DM500S & Clones

A guide on how to add a external guide reader to a Dreambox DM500S and its clones (LinuxSat, EagleSat, V8 etc.) Useful in card sharing setups for different cards (Sky, RTE, Canal, Polsat etc.)


How to guide: Forcing updates to a Sky satellite smart card in use in a 3rd party receiver

This guide covers how to get a Sky satellite card to update correctly if it is in use in another receiver (3rd party unit) Dreambox, Openbox, Linuxsat, VU+, Spiderbox etc.


How to guide: Using your Sky satellite card in your Dreambox or other 3rd party receiver

A guide showing how to use some revisions of the Sky satellite smart card in a Dreambox or other 3rd party satellite receiver.