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Product advertisement: Streaming satellite TV channels 3500+ chan's

Streaming software for Windows based PC’s. Streams over 3500+  satellite TV channels from around the globe to your PC, regardless of location and source country of channels. Easy replacement for your cable or satellite subscriber. One time fee. Discounted for UKCS visitors.


How to guide: Upgrade change firmware image on Dreambox 7000 series

A guide on how to change, upgrade, install a new firmware image on the Dreambox 7000 series and its variants using a crossover cable and your PC no routers etc. needed.


How to guide: Transfering a channel list to a DreamBox using Dreamset

How to transfer a premade channel set to 1 or more Dreambox satellite receivers. Saving huge amounts of time.


How to guide: Manual transfer key settings to a Dreambox

This guide covers manually transferring key settings to a Dreambox receiver if you have a need to.


How to guide: Connecting a USB drive to a Dreambox DM800 or DM800HD

A guide on how to connect and use a drive via the USB 2.0 port on the Dreambox DM800 or DM800HD for recording of TV freesat/sky/satellite/cable programming. This is different to using the DM800′s eSata port or internal port.


How to guide: Setup 2 Dreamboxs for cardsharing in a Lan Or Wan

This guide covers how to share services between 2 Dreamboxs on the same network (LAN or WAN). For instance having 1 box act as the server and the other as the client, no need for a PC or other type of external server service.