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Firmware: Vu+/Vusolo & DM800SE (12.22-Sim210-84.B.riyad66.nfi)


Firmware image for the Vu+, Vu Solo, Dm800SE and other Enigma 2 based satellite receivers that are clones or compatible. Has CCcam 2.3.0 & CCcam 2.21 plugins preinstalled, more information is in the post.


Info: Back in stock various satellite receivers (Dreambox, OpenBox, Vu+, Technomate etc.)

A new section we will be running and updating showing a list of what satellite receivers are in stock or back in stock, since they seem to go out of stock fairly quickly due to the constant supply problems in this market. We also will be working on a widget that shows real time stock …

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How to guide: Check if CCCam is running and restart if needed.

A small script to run & save on your box that will check if CCCam is running and restart it if it has crashed/stopped responding. More useful for box’s or PC servers being used as card sharing setups.


How to guide: Installing CCcam on Dream Elite or BlackHole Images (Firmware)

Short guide on how to install the CCCam softcam software on a satellite receiver (Dreambox, Openbox, Vu+ etc.) that is running/supported by DreamElite or Blackhole firmware iamges.